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Host-A-Hive Program

Are you curious about bees?

Do you want the benefit of pollination in your garden, but are scared to commit to something that you don’t know enough about?

Are you a commercial or residential property looking to engage your tenants through environmentally-focused practices?

Beekeeping can be intimidating - Let us handle it. Our beekeepers are trained and knowledgeable in all things bees!

How It Works:

For 70.00/m with a one year commitment, you can host an Aubergine honey bee colony in your backyard!


1. Assessment

We offer a free assessment of the property, to find a suitable place for the bees.

2. Installation

Each hive comes with one nuc box, that includes one queen and thousands of worker bees.

3. Maintenance

Every few weeks we come to monitor the hive. We add supers, treat the colony, and prevent swarming when necessary.

4. Harvest

In September, we harvest the honey

5. Winterization

We implement measures to keep the hive warm and comfortable in the during the winter months. 

You will receive a honey yield of about 40 lbs of per hive (sometimes more, sometimes less, dependent on the health of the hive). 1L ( 3 pds) of local honey can be sold for about $30.00.

Contact us if you are interested in hosting!

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